New product 2016: HEC Litz Wire Sealing for 12-pole panel mount connectors


Effective protection against moisture

As one of the leading companies in the development and production of connectors binder stands for the highest quality, reliability and responsibility towards employees, customers and service providers. We orientate ourselves by customer requests and develop, construct and product the right solutions for our customers. As our products are at the centre of our business, we are always anxious to further develop them.  

From now on, the HEC litz wire sealing will complete the binder product portfolio within the power field. Due to their solid design and compact size, these connectors are ideally suited for agricultural machinery and vehicles. The new plug seal is part of the accessory for 12 pole panel mount connectors of the 696 HEC series. At the connection side, the seal constitutes an effective protection against moisture.




  • Accessory for panel mount connectors of the 696 HEC series
  • Set of sealings with pressing screw and ring for litz wire sealing
  • Effective protection against humidity at the connection side

Any questions?

From now on, you are welcome to order the HEC litz wire sealing for 12 pole panal mount connectors from us. We look forward to your enquiry.