Friday night


Friday night. The week is over, finally the weekend, and just relaxing. The children are at their grandma’s. The evening is there just for her and him. It is the middle of May, the air feels mild like it does in spring, life seems easy. Delicious wine, romantic candlelight. Overlooking the river, sunset, dreaming. Deeply gazing into his electric blue eyes, sassy freckles in his familiar face. Thoughts wander – merely the smell of a delicious pizza brings her back to the here and now. A crispy baked crust, almost paper thin, with a touch of flour on the edges. Deep red small tomatoes, fresh basil with an intense green color, along with hearty parmesan cheese and small salami slices that couldn’t possibly taste more intense. Their eyes met… the kitchen clock sharply rings, the frozen pizza is done!

The automated topping of a pizza and consecutive packaging only works with appropriate sensor technology. Connectors are essential for this technology – connectors like the Harsh Environment Connector (HEC) by binder!

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