763 series - M12 Panel Mount Connectors with Screw Clamp Contacts M20x1,5


M12 Panel Mount Connectors with Screw Clamp Contacts

In various applications mounting the connectors happens after the wiring. This means that the cable or the single wires already have been connected to the device and stick out of the front panel. The connector adapter is then either fixed to the housing with the aid of the hexnut or screwed directly into the M20 x 1,5 thread. Afterwards the single wires are clamped into the contacts of the connector and the insert is screwed to the adapter.

The 4 and 5 pole connector head can be positioned in 4 x 90° steps and fixed afterwards. In that way it is possible to pre-define the direction of the angled cable outlet.

But even when different cables and wires are connected the screw clamp contacts allow easy mounting out in the field. Due to the maximum cross section of 1,5 mm² currents of up to 8 A can be transmitted with the 4 and 5 pole versions.

With that these panel mount connectors can also be used for A-coded power versions.